My credit status is very low. Am I eligible to apply with you at UK Same Day Loans?

You are! Your credit status simply does not matter to us. However worse it may be, or even if you are suffering from really bad credit problems such as arrears ort bankruptcy, we will consider you as eligible for our loan deals. Both bad as well as good credit borrowers are equal before us.

How do I know whether my loan application has fetched loan deals?

We will let you know about the loan deals that our lenders have fetched for you within a few minutes of applying with us. We know how tensed you might be in such a crisis situation.  We are really fast in processing your loan application that, it will not take us more than a few minutes to get back to you with detailed information about the loan deals. If you do not mind, we will call you up or else we will send you an email about the loan rates and other specifications involved.

What if I have a few doubts or require more information?

If you still have a few more questions left to be clarified, please ask us straight away. We would be really happy that you asked. Our expert team will quickly help you clear your doubts in no time. You just have to fill up and submit the simple Contact Us form given for the purpose.I live as a tenant. Can I apply for your deals such as

instant cash loans and bad credit payday loans?

You can! Your tenant status is no longer a hurdle in raising quick monetary support. Even if your loan application has been denied approval by many lenders due to your tenant status, we assure you quick support. Although you have been living with your parents or in a rented house, you make an eligible customer for us.

I do not own any valuable property to pledge. Will I get loan deals from you?

Sure! We provide totally unsecured loan deals. Thus, you do not have to own any valuable property to get loan deals through us.